Digital Tech Rendering of engine parts forming a  scorpion.

Snickers - 24" x 16"

My Male Cocker Spaniel
Digitally rendered Pet Illustration from photograph

Northern Michigan Architectural Rendering - 28" x 28"

Digital color renderings of homes in Northern Michigan done from photos or on-site sketches...
these can be printed at any size on paper or canvas. Prices vary according to detail, size and printing.


Stormy Petrel 24" x 30"

Digital color diagram of a sailboat for a sailors living room wall, rendered from a photo and blueprints provided by the customer.

Freighthouse, Ypsilanti, Michigan Depot Town

Pen & Ink drawing from a personal photo
taken in 1983. 11" x 17" black & white prints
are available


Antrim County Log Cabin

Pen & Ink drawing from a photo I took near Torch Lake in 1985. Black and white prints (11"x 17") are available

1864 Michigan Central RR Depot, Ypsilanti, Michigan

This Pen & Ink drawing was drawn with Black Ink in a rapidograph pen from a historical photo. Prints are available.


Engine Technical Rendering

This master view of an engine showing transparency
of the top cover was rendered in Photoshop using CAD
line art drawings provided by the customer. Care was taken
to show metal surfacing, cast shadows, and highlight areas
to simulate a photographic effect.

Rabbit Warrior!

Pencil sketch...just for fun...